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To help like-minded individuals come together to discuss anything spiritual. Often I have heard from clients that they would like more people to talk to about what they are feeling, and experiencing when it comes to spirit, consciousness, empathic ability, psychic ability, dreams etc. They find they cannot share these topics with family and friends. These meetups will provide an outlet and a way to make connections with others. Some say we all have a soul group or tribe. Come find yours.

Meet Your Tribe

Update as of 2023

Meeting for over a year now on Sundays from 11am to 1pm. We meet once a month. If this could work for you please reach out using the chat box below as email subscribing is no longer used. You can also visit the contact page if you are interested in reaching out a different way. New members are always welcome and bring new energy to the group.


 We meet at Suite 801 in the:

Southwestern Office Park

4535 Southwestern BLVD

Hamburg NY, 14075

These meetups are free. However, donations to Rose's Reiki & More are greatly appreciated. 

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