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To help like-minded individuals come together to discuss anything spiritual. Often I have heard from clients that they would like more people to talk to about what they are feeling, and experiencing when it comes to spirit, consciousness, empathic ability, psychic ability, dreams etc. They find they cannot share these topics with family and friends. These meetups will provide an outlet and a way to make connections with others. Some say we all have a soul group or tribe. Come find yours.

Enter your email below if this is something you would be interested in. You will not be sent emails about anything other than information regarding this group. Once two to four people show interest we will get together at the Gardenville Commerce Center in Suite 235. 


UPDATE: We have been meeting for a few months now.  Sundays from 11am to 1pm have been working well. We meet once a month. If this could work for you please subscribe below. 

Subscribe to Meet Your Tribe 

These meetups are free. However, donations to Rose's Reiki & More are greatly appreciated. 

Meet Your Tribe

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