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Recommended Reading 

I meet a lot of people looking to gain further knowledge of reiki, psychic abilities, empathy, creativity, NDE's, self-help, and much more. I often get asked about books that would be helpful. I have created a list of recommended reading material based on what I have found and connected with. Feel free to share your own books to read with me, as a few of these books I read because a client suggested it. This list is always growing. 

Open Book

The Creative Act:

A Way of Being

By: Rick Rubin

Proof of Heaven Book.jpg

Proof of Heaven 

By: Eben Alexander, M.D.

Journey of Souls Book.jpg

Journey of Souls

By: Michael Newton

Demystifyin OBE book.jpg

Demystifying the out-of-body Experience

By: Luis Minero

Consciousness Beyond life book.jpg

Consciousness Beyond Life

The Science of the Near-Death Experience

By Pim van Lommel, M.D.


Chakra Healing 

By: Margarita Alcantara

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