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Why choose Rose’s Reiki?


I have a lot of experience in the spiritual world including scientific spirituality. I have studied and researched this field for some years now. I went from being a skeptic to seeing things for how they really are. Scientific spirituality has been buried by materialist science or "ego" science as well as some of the religious community.  I have been able to overcome limiting beliefs and let go of societal pressures to do what I love. This work has helped me understand who, and what I believe we are. As well as where we come from, and where we will go when we pass. Energy is everything, and infinite. I am a Certified Reiki Master, Energy Reader, Hypnotist, and Psychic Medium. I have also studied Numerology, Yoga, and Meditation. I support integrated medicine. Looking at the mind, body, and spirit altogether will lead to better health and happiness. 

I believe that offering healing services is about having true compassion for others. I enjoy offering services that help others to navigate this thing we call life. It is very important to me, to always be checking my ego and to be humble. What I do is just simply part of being. I believe that all humans are capable of connecting much more with each other. Through the work that I and many others do we are helping people to see this too each and every day.  

Yoga at Home

Traditional reiki


Reiki with intuitive energy reading

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Reiki with hypnosis

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Quote: You can heal with energy much more effectively than you can heal with chemistry. Bruce Lipton
So.. what is Reiki?


Reiki is intelligent healing energy that flows through the hands of the practitioner. It is also referred to as universal healing energy. The hands of the practitioner are placed on, or hover over the client.  There are many articles discussing the benefits of Reiki and even a few double blind studies proving the benefits of it. It is even being offered in hospitals now. I describe it as a feeling of love (light and happy) verses sadness (dense and heavy feeling).


Feeling relaxed is important since the energy of your body will more easily accept other energies when relaxed. During the session, you may notice this energy from perhaps a warm sensation, or tingling over the areas of your body it is applied to. Many people experience deep relaxation and stress relief. They feel reenergized and lighter in the days following the session. Every time you receive Reiki your Chakras, Meridians, and Aura are cleansed. 

What is Hypnosis?


Hypnosis targets the subconscious mind while bypassing the conscious mind to help to change behaviors and built-in belief systems that are not serving you. People who are serious about quitting smoking or losing weight have had success with Hypnosis. Hypnosis is also used for memory recall and past life regressions. Hypnotists are trained to use positive wording when making suggestions to the subconscious mind for you to accept. I like to think of it as a guided meditation.  

**It is not something you will not come back from, and the hypnotist cannot control you or make things happen for you.** It is not a magic trick as you may have seen for entertainment. 


Hypnosis is very natural and happens whether you recognize it or not. It happens from a change in brainwaves to a state right before the sleep state. So as you are waking up or going to sleep you go through a state of hypnosis. This is actually the perfect time to communicate with guides, loved ones, angels -whatever you believe the energies around us to be. This is my best suggestion for those wishing to make a better connection on there own. Ask a question, or ask a loved one to come through and then allow yourself to drift off to sleep. Either as you fall asleep or as you wake up the next morning you should receive some communication (a song, or symbol, or even having a conversation). It has worked for me, and I know how difficult it can be to communicate with these energies for yourself when fully conscious. 

Nassim Haramein quote The concepts of spirituality are typically the physics we haven't understood yet
Intuitive Energy Reading 

Everyone is connected. We have to get back to our roots and recognize each other from a soul level. When energy reading I believe I use empathic ability as well as claircognizance and other "clairs" (psychic mediumship) to receive information about a person, and their energy. I believe everyone has psychic mediumship, and empathic abilities because it is not at all about being gifted or special. It is just simply a part of our human experience. More tools to help us through our journeys in life and to connect with each other.  During a session, I receive information for all your chakras. I will go over what chakras are as well as meridians and your aura with you if you are not sure what they are. Read more about this on the services page.

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