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The Art of Reiki

Reiki is an art form. No two people offer it the same way. It is an expression of love from one person to another. And perhaps love is where we need to start when it comes to understanding Reiki.

Anyone can do a quick search on the internet to find out the history of Reiki, this writing is not about that. This is about what Reiki is for us. How it helps us understand more of what we are doing in these lives, and where we come from that starts with love.


letters of the word love with sunlight through and around it on a wooden table

Love is a word that has become cliché, and is often abused by many. It can be used in manipulative ways, and often when you mention love people tend to think of romantic love only. Love is also the love for a pet, child, or a passion. When love is strongest it is unconditional. This means there are no requirements for you to love your child. This is often what causes romantic relationships to struggle. Who is giving up self-love for the love they believe they have with a partner? This is tricky to tell since the brain also releases chemicals that make us feel in love which are similar to the response the brain has to drugs.

Unconditional Love

We need to remember to study and focus on love in its purest form: unconditional free of judgment and ego. Love is the farthest thing from ego. The love that allows us to let someone else be who they are. The self-love that allows us to set boundaries with the relationships in our lives whether it is with friends, family, or romantic partners. The love that demands we are treated the way we believe we deserve and to not settle for anything less.

Unconditional love is sometimes the harder option. When a child is going in what you believe is the wrong direction in life, there may be nothing you can do to stop them or help them. You can be the supporting character in their life when they need you, but try to understand they have their own path to follow. Know that like us our children have chosen paths with difficulties to learn and grow from. Have faith that they are strong enough to get through it and be the supporting character in their life that they need you to be. This can mean refusing to enable them. This is a form of tough love that can be so helpful. It can force someone out of their comfort zone and make them face the obstacles in their life.

We don’t want to lose them, or we want to shelter them from the harshness of the world. This is when we are coming from fear instead of love. We often see interventions fail. The person who is receiving the intervention tries to get better for other people because those people fear they might lose that person. For the intervention to work the person has to have enough self-love to want to get better.


reiki is love, love is wholeness, wholeness is balance, balance is well being, well being is freedom from disease. quote by mikao usui

Reiki allows us to be compassionate with each other especially when we are free of judgment, ego, and fear. All we have to do is let it flow. Reiki is unconditional love, and love is healing. The lives we experience here are hard and challenging. I do believe that we would not take on these difficult lives if we didn’t have the power to figure them out, to rise above the challenges. Reiki is a tool to overcome the challenges of being human.

The art of it is that it can be different for everyone. It can feel different, and the way it is performed can be different. That is ok, that is beautiful. You can use symbols when connecting to it, or not. You can pray beforehand, but that also is not required. What is being given or received is still the same: love. To understand Reiki a bit more imagine how you feel when you are sad. It is a heavier, denser emotion. It can make it difficult to get out of bed in the morning. Love on the other hand is light, makes you happy, feels joyful, and makes it easy to get out of bed in the morning.

The other dense emotions like fear, guilt anger, resentment, and frustration need help being released. Love is more powerful than all of those emotions. Reiki energy clears those emotions which is part of why people feel lighter after a session. Start thinking about all the feelings and thoughts you have as a weight. Then think about what you can do to release it, like getting out in nature, receiving Reiki, or exercising. Those are all ways of loving yourself.


An NDE is a near-death experience. People who have had one of these were more dead than alive. This isn’t “the bus almost hit me and my life flashed before my eyes” This is “the bus did hit me and while an EMT was trying to revive me my consciousness went somewhere else”.

People who have had an NDE describe going to a place filled with unconditional love. They experience feelings that make them never want to come back to Earth. Some can even tell the doctors what they were doing to them while they were unconscious or dead. These stories offer us so much to learn from. They offer us a glimpse into our reality. They let us know that there is so much more going on here. We are spiritual in nature. We choose these lives, and we are here to learn. We are here to create heaven on Earth by making more loving choices for ourselves, others, and the planet every day. If heaven is unconditional love then we are here in these lives to learn to pull that love in and let it flow to everyone and everything through our actions. Every day, each and every decision we make should come from a place of love.


the planet does not need more successful people the planet desperately needs more peacemakers healers restorers storytellers and lovers of all kinds. quote by the dalai lama

Connect with Reiki for yourself in meditation. Imagine you are outside on a beautiful day. The gratitude you feel for this day can trigger Reiki (love) within you. Learn how to connect more through one of my healing sessions. Reiki with an Intuitive Energy Reading is a powerful way to combine healing energy with psychic ability. The empathic ability to connect to your energy allows me to see into your life and help you understand your stress, relationships, passions, what is holding you back and so much more. In the reading, I go over the main seven chakras helping to balance and clear them. Clients usually feel much lighter afterward and more clear.

We all have access to a wealth of creative energy. It is all around us in the universe. It is a part of Source, God, or whatever you believe in. You know you feel it deep inside of yourself. You feel something more than this life may be giving you now. Allow yourself to truly let go and feel the creative energy of life flow. Allow your crown and heart chakras to open more to greater knowledge and love. Let go of what other people think and follow your intuition. And the more you understand love for yourself, others, and the planet, the more love that will be available to you. The more love, the more Reiki that will flow because Reiki is unconditional love, which is the universal healing energy we all have equal access to. Let the Art of Reiki flow through you.

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